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Mission Statement:
Advise Chamber Members on useful technologies that can help serve their business.

Meeting Details:
Third Tuesday of the Month
7:30am – 9:00am
No July Meeting

Chamber Staff Liaison:
Bret Schanzenbach

Committee Notifications:
Contact Staff Liaison to receive committee notifications


The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) hosts guest speakers each month to help Chamber members understand and utilize technology to benefit their businesses and save money. All Chamber Members are eligible to attend our meetings to learn how technology can assist your company.

Technology Advisory Committee Goals:
  1. Educate Chamber members on the effective use of technology tools.
  2. Bring awareness of new, innovative and changing technologies to Chamber membership Assist membership with their technology needs.
  3. Create an environment that fosters the growth and development of technology.
  4. Build lasting relationships.
      “I enjoy the collaboration with people helping to create something larger than myself. The committee is a platform that allows me to go beyond myself, become a better person, and help others do the same (service).”
      John Biethan, Co-Chair
      Imagine Podcasting
      Chuck Beretz
      Chuck Beretz, Secretary
      Alexandra Renée, Co-Chair
      ALL MAVEN, Inc.


          Cryptocurrency in 2021 - January 21, 2021

          The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce Technology Advisory Committee advises Chamber Members on useful technologies that can help serve their business. On January 21, 2021 we hosted a robust discussion on the origins, nature and value of Crypto & Digital Curriencies, Bitcoin, and Why they are the Future of Money.

          PassPoint COVID-19 Employee Health Portal - November 17, 2020

          Hooman Borghei from PassPoint came to share his workflow software to assist businesses managing Covid contract tracing.

          Carlsbad's Emergency Response and Adaptation - September 15, 2020

          The Technology Advisory Committee had David Harrison who is the Assistant Director of Emergency Services, come to speak about technologies used in the City of Carlsbad's emergency operations center to coordinate response support operations during large-scale incidents.

          Digital Divide and Equitable Distance Learning - August 18, 2020

          The Technology Advisory Committee invited Wade Aschbrenner from Altus Schools-Audeo 2 Charter School to discuss the digital divide and equitable distance learning.

          How to Create a Successful Internship Program - July 21, 2020

          Technology Advisory Committee invited Ram Seshan of Chatstasy to share his best practices to creating a successful internship program. Ram used over 30 interns in the summer of 2019 to launch his new app.

          8 Actions You Can Take Now for the Post COVID-19 Economy - Tuesday, June 16, 2020

          Technology Advisory Committee hosted Chuck Beretz, from Cloudforia to discuss 8 Actions you can Take Now for the Post COVID-19 Economy.

          Tech Trends and Survival Tips During Covid-19 - Tuesday, May 19 2020

          Reese Harris for Reese Harris of Ree-Source, Inc. shared Tech Trends and Survival Tips During Covid-19.

          Creating Success Virtually with Jesse Ibañez, Chris Chase, and John Biethan

          See how Jesse Ibañez, the Co-Founder of the GreenHouse Group stays creative in these ever-changing times, during the Coronavirus. This is such an inspiring story of customer service and customer experience all tied in together, the way it’s supposed to be.

          April 2020 - From Chaos & Confusion to Complete Collaboration

          A great two part presentation on the best collaboration tools and practices. Guest presenters: Kevin Clemons, Au Technology Solutions; Alexandra Rene, ALL MAVEN.

          March 2020 - Maximize Your SEO:

          Technology Advisory Committee welcomes John Victorino from Beacon SEO to discuss how to maximize your SEO for your website.