10 Free Sales Tools for Your Small Business

Sales ToolsSales are the lifeblood of your business, and the right tools can make all the difference. Here are the best free sales tools for small businesses.

Sales takes a lot of hard work, and as a busy small business owner, it can be challenging to do cold outreach, follow up on leads and close the sale. But the right sales tool can help you build an effective sales process that takes less of your time. Here are 10 free sales tools you can try.

Hubspot Sales Free

Hubspot is a leader when it comes to effective sales and marketing tools, and the company’s free software is a great place for most small businesses to start.

The free version comes with a CRM, email scheduling, a reporting dashboard and more. You can also use Hubspot to monitor your website visitors and see what pages they are viewing and spending the most time on.


With Owler, you can track various companies for relevant news and updates. A lot of people use it for competitor research, but it’s a great tool to track hard-to-find news about your prospects as well.

When you log into your account, your news feed will automatically pull up recent press releases, blog posts and news about the companies you follow. This type of information will allow you to do a better job of personalizing your outreach.


Findthat is one of the best tools for finding verified email addresses. You can use the Chrome extension to find a prospect’s email address through social media sites or use the bulk email finder to locate multiple emails on a website or within a company. The free plan comes with up to 50 credits for one user.


One of the simplest and most effective ways to convert your live traffic into leads is by adding a live chat widget to your website. And Drift is one of the best options available, largely due to its robust integrations and powerful workflows.

The company offers a variety of plans, mostly aimed at midsize to enterprise companies. But you can try the software for free. The free version comes with one seat for live chatting, a customized welcome page and up to 100 contacts.


SalesHandy helps you track and automate your cold outreach campaign. You can utilize effective email templates, schedule your emails ahead of time and track your real-time results.

SalesHandy will even let you automate your follow-up, and it’s been shown to multiply response rates by 10. You can try the software for free for 14 days to see if you like it.


Calendly is a free appointment scheduling software that will save you from wasting time on back-and-forth emails about meeting availability. You simply send your prospect a link to your scheduler and they pick the meeting time that works best for them.

Calendly integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365, and you can embed the scheduler on your website. With the free plan, you can schedule unlimited events and receive automated event notifications.


Bananatag lets you track who has opened your emails, so you’ll know whether a prospect is ignoring you or not. The software syncs with Gmail and Outlook, and you can use the drag-and-drop features to design your emails as well.

The company doesn’t state its pricing on its website, but it does offer a free trial of the software.


In-person meetings are still pretty limited right now due to COVID-19, so you need a way to schedule virtual meetings with your sales prospects. With the free version of Uberconference, you can schedule unlimited meetings for up to 10 people, with each call lasting up to 45 minutes. And you can use the software to enable screen sharing and record your calls.


HelloSign is an electronic signature software with a free plan that allows you to request up to three signatures per month. The software integrates with Google Drive, and you’ll receive status notifications about your proposals.

HelloSign ensures that every electronic signature is legally binding, so you’ll know your contracts are secure.


Mailcastr is another great option for validating your leads ahead of time. With this software, you can set up chatbots on your website and utilize email tracking.

You can add one chatbot to your website for up to 30 conversations per day. From there, you can follow up on your leads with email tracking. The free version of Mailcastr comes with email templates and integrates seamlessly with MailChimp.

This post was written by Jennifer Johnson at the US Chamber of Commerce and can be found here.