City of Carlsbad

City of Carlsbad:

Balance is the key to Carlsbad’s reputation as the jewel of San Diego County. And that balance is a result of a vision by community leaders over the years. Economic development is important, but so is the environment. Single-family housing is important, but so is the need for multi-family housing. Carlsbad has emerged as one of the leading cities in Southern California. Its progressive city government, active Chamber of Commerce, and diverse community share a common vision. Achieving economic prosperity and an enviable quality of life are priorities. It takes a long-term commitment to infrastructure development and land use planning. The city’s award-winning growth management plan calls for a combination of residential, commercial and industrial growth over a 30-year period to ensure that community amenities and city services continue to be available to our residents. Some of the key community amenities made possible by provisions set out in the growth management plan include:

  • Full-service police and fire services
  • Technology-rich libraries
  • An active parks and recreation department
  • Well-maintained open spaces
  • High-quality schools
  • A healthy redevelopment district