Welcome to Chamber Clubs

Chamber Clubs are a great way for members to connect with other members around different interests. Start a Golf Club, a Realtors Club, a Cat Lovers Club or even a Coffee Club! Whatever fun adventure you can think about can most likely be an amazing club for members.

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Current Available Clubs

Here are the current clubs that are available to members. Reach out to each director for further details or questions regarding how that particular club operates. There is no cost to join a club.

More Clubs Coming Soon!

So what does it take to start a club?

To learn more about starting a club, click below for the club guidelines. Each club needs a director, co-director, and at least 5 initial members to start. There is a one time fee to start a club, which is $150.00.

More Clubs Coming Soon!

“Sometimes you want to be connected by more than just business. Clubs are a great way to build relationships around other things that are important in life.”

~Alexandra Renee Poelstra, ALL MAVEN

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to start your own club at the Carlsbad Chamber, download an application or fill out one online. Applications are reviewed monthly. Thank you!

Got questions? Feel free to send us a message or send an email to [email protected].

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