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The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce acts as a regional economic catalyst, leadership convener and community champion. We promote business through member services, economic and community development, and public policy that balances economic prosperity with quality of life.

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Holly ZhangHolly Zhang
16:22 16 Aug 23
The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce truly shines as the most remarkable chamber I've come across. I am deeply honored to be part of a community of authentic servant leaders who wholeheartedly exemplify the fundamental values of People, Purpose, and Impact. Serving on the Aging Service committee as a volunteer lead for AARP North County and as a Senior Real Estate specialist, I have had the privilege of learning from and collaborating with some of the industry's finest leaders. I eagerly anticipate further opportunities to learn, contribute, and develop.Bret Schanzenbach, along with the Board and the entire Team, truly deserve a five-star rating in every aspect!
David BentleyDavid Bentley
20:26 22 Jul 23
The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is one of the most professional, supportive and successful organizations I’ve had the privilege to be part of during my 40+ year career. The organizational leadership and staff, particularly Brent Schanzenbach, President/CEO, Kathleen McNary and Kathy Steffens, inspire success.
Sean FlannerySean Flannery
00:24 22 Jun 23
The Carlsbad Chamber is a great organization and has helped my small business thrive! Their staff is also helpful and friendly. I've been a member for several years now.
19:53 25 Apr 23
We have been a member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce for over a decade. Not only does the Carlsbad Chamber support our local businesses, nonprofits and community as a whole, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce (CCC) is a leader in the kindness movement. The CCC helped launch the inaugural Kindness Certified Company program which honors and recognizes companies that are good to their people, community, planet and world. This visionary chamber has a stellar staff that truly leads with kindness and positivity. Kids for Peace is honored to be a member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Kindness!!
Larry LaytonLarry Layton
01:16 31 Mar 23
The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is by far the best chamber I have ever experienced. I am proud to be associated with a cadre of authentic servant leaders that live by their core values of People, Purpose, and Impact.In a matter of three months, my business, 4Wall Insights, and I have had the benefit of doing business with a fellow chamber member and have brought other business owners to join the chamber as well. Bret Schanzenbach, the Board, and Team deserve 5-stars all the way!
Holly PobstHolly Pobst
23:31 24 Feb 23
The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is first rate. What a terrific group of individuals doing great work in the community to support local businesses. Wonderful resource for sure!
Anthony CinaAnthony Cina
00:49 13 Feb 23
The Carlsbad Chamber has been a big help guiding me to achieve my business goals.I have also made new and lasting friendships.
Robert H FlynnRobert H Flynn
06:53 10 Feb 23
I joined the Carlsbad Chamber several months ago and did so in part because of the size and breadth of its membership and activities. Since joining I found the Chamber staff from top down is enthusiastic and welcoming. And, its Netforce referral networking groups are an effective method of growing a business.
Naila SfeirNaila Sfeir
23:06 19 Jan 23
I have been a member of the Carlsbad Chamber for six years now and can confidently say that it has made a positive impact on my business! I truly value all of the wonderful connections I have made over the years not to mention all of the support and encouragement I have received. Thank you for being such an amazing Chamber and all you do for our community!
Admin DeskAdmin Desk
00:27 09 Dec 22
I have really enjoyed being a part of the Chamber. Being new to the Carlsbad area, the Chamber of Commerce has been an amazing resource to meet new people and connect my business with the community.
Shane NairShane Nair
23:14 30 Nov 22
I have been involved with the Carlsbad Chamber for ten months and met many wonderful people. It has helped me grow my book of business and develop friendships within the community. Thanks to the Chamber team for creating the opportunities to connect with other business owners.
Cia MarshalCia Marshal
03:48 17 Nov 22
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is one of the most open and welcoming chambers I have encountered. Accepting of all and they sincerely want to serve their community! Excellent staff.
James CliameJames Cliame
01:17 03 Sep 22
Carlsbad Chamber has supported my evangelizing my green efforts in creating growth for small businesses at the same time doing it with maximizing green resources. Bret has far exceeded his role as CEO and is a trusted friend and colleague. His humility and professionalism makes him more priceless than Diamonds. The staff goes out of their way to truly care about me as I continue to go through rehabilitation. So don’t just “Catch the Wave, Catch the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce.” !
Lindsey SmithLindsey Smith
17:37 22 Aug 22
This is a great Chamber! They plan high quality events and host frequent networking opportunities. The staff are friendly and helpful, too. We’re happy to be a part!
D DiD Di
19:21 19 Aug 22
The State of the Community event is always a wonderful experience. The Chamber puts together a great event, along with the City’s highlights of the community. Carlsbad is an amazing community!
Karen PearsonKaren Pearson
19:21 19 Aug 22
Amazing presentation on tourism at the Carlsbad Chamber’s 2022 State of the Community luncheon today! I learned so much about the state of our city, regional, state, country and global travel and leisure. Very insightful remarks from experts in their respective fields!
Jessica HornbeckJessica Hornbeck
19:19 19 Aug 22
As a North County based business, we very much appreciate the community and quality programming the Carlsbad Chamber continues to deliver. Love the folks running the Chamber and grateful to have made friends with other small businesses as a result. Thank you for all that you do and well done recovering from the pandemic disruption!
Leanne AbrahamLeanne Abraham
13:45 17 Aug 22
The Carlsbad Chamber is exceptional. They are doing a great job bringing together the business community, creating a supportive and collaborative culture, and providing timely and valuable resources and information. Also their team is service focused with heart.
Nerissa ZhangNerissa Zhang
15:08 02 Aug 22
The Chamber has been incredible, it was the very first Chamber I've joined and the events are fire. Lots of fun and they are very focused on collaboration. Excited to learn more and attend more events.
Alesia ClarkAlesia Clark
00:39 07 Jul 22
Becoming a member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce was the best decision I made for my business. It is wonderful to be supported by such a great organization that likes to see businesses succeed and to be a part of a community of great business leaders.
Pam LewkoPam Lewko
00:09 29 Jun 22
I am a new Chamber Member and loving it! They are extremely invested in the community. Have fantastic speakers and Happy Hours. Extremely professional and very warm and welcoming.I would highly recommend you visit and join!
We LOVE being part of the Carlsbad Chamber. Professional people, great events, super friendly staff. We really enjoy participating and meeting new people. Thanks Carlsbad Chamber!
Laura HendersonLaura Henderson
20:59 16 May 22
As a business owner, I checked out all of my local Chambers before joining. Carlsbad is the best! They truly provide lots of support and resources for local businesses and if YOU put in the effort you will easily get your moneys worth out of your membership.
Nicole MoerschNicole Moersch
18:43 16 May 22
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce are champions of promoting local business and community partners! Carlsbad Unified is so thankful to collaborate with them. Thank you for your continued support!
00:04 10 May 22
MyOffice, Inc has been a member of this Chamber for several years and I can honestly say we have earned our ROI ten fold. It's a great group of folks to build relationships with.
Bridget ABridget A
18:32 09 May 22
I went to my first Carlsbad Chamber event nearly 20 years ago and just went to a networking/learning event this past Friday. Through the years the chamber has supported my business, from the first event I attended, where I was new, green, and needed help figuring out how to network to now.The Carlsbad Chamber is the second largest chamber of commerce in San Diego County, they have a great mix of long-time and new members, they know everything there is to know about what is happening in North County, and they are a wonderful resource for small or large businesses. Through the chamber I have been able to acquire new and long-term clients, learn about city and county resources as well as connect with city leaders & officials. The chamber throughout the years has been an asset for my growing business.
Tracey SpangenbergTracey Spangenberg
17:55 06 May 22
I am a new member to the chamber and could not have had a more positive experience. The welcome has been warm and genuine. The people are caring, professional and truly want to see you succeed. Thank you CCC!
17:21 06 May 22
Good to again meet members at this monthly breakfast meeting. Now I know why my expressions of "appreciation" to my top performer at my last career position, did not ring true! Any opportunity to change the start time to 7:30, and limit the speakers to 20 minutes?
Chris WeinerChris Weiner
22:21 03 May 22
I’ve been a member of the Carlsbad Chamber for over 2 years now. I joined specifically because I wanted to get more involved in the community, to extend my network of influence, and to grow my book of business. Right away I saw a difference. I was able to meet business leaders and influencers, and start getting some referrals, which had a dramatic impact on my sales. The more I got involved, the more I got out of it. I’m extremely grateful for what the Carlsbad Chamber, their amazing staff, and loyal members, have done for my business.
Mel LMel L
20:37 21 Apr 22
Thanks to Roderick and his team’s professionalism and execution!It doesn't get any better than this team----> honesty; great pricing strategy; organized preparation and staging; efficient showings; great working rapport with buyer's agent; follow through in coordinating the repairs after inspection and timeliness & first time accuracy in all of the Documents.We accepted an offer way above listing in less than a week and close escrow in less than 30 days. Totally enjoyed the experience!
Monica AlvarezMonica Alvarez
21:04 05 Apr 22
The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is an invaluable organization that supports the businesses and prosperity of the Carlsbad community. The team is knowledgable and skilled at what they do - and they know how to make a person feel welcomed and seen! I highly recommend joining this Chamber if you're in the area.
NuSpine Bressi RanchNuSpine Bressi Ranch
20:19 25 Mar 22
The chamber has been a great help and a wonderful resource for us. Their monthly happy hours are a great way to network with other businesses and get to know your community.
David PeerDavid Peer
22:02 23 Mar 22
My firm has been members of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce for over a year and I cannot say enough about this group. The members of the Chamber are welcoming and the Chamber staff are thoughtful and active. Carlsbad has a burgeoning small business community and the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is at the heart of it all.
Sandra EstradaSandra Estrada
15:10 16 Mar 22
I have recently joined the Chamber, and I'm very impressed with all the programs they have to support small business owners and companies in general from Carlsbad. I feel very excited to be part of it and connect with the community. All the staff members are great people. I'm looking forward to learning more, engaging, and helping as much as possible. Thank you very much for all your hard work!
Cathy EllisCathy Ellis
16:16 15 Feb 22
As a small business owner, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce! The caliber of their team and members is outstanding. Don't hesitate to join, it will be the best investment you can do for your business! There's something for everyone!
Lisa RodmanLisa Rodman
17:18 12 Jan 22
A worthwhile place to meet many of our business needs. From networking to trusted partnerships the Carlsbad Chamber really exceeds our expectations. Samantha and I enjoyed our podcast experience. Bret was a great host.
Miguel A. de JesusMiguel A. de Jesus
16:39 12 Jan 22
The "personality" of this Chamber is warm, receptive, open and engaged. The community engagement, involvement and initiatives are spot on with the needs of the community with effective and "servant leadership" at all levels of the organization. You will be well served to speak with any of the Chamber members and/or the support superstar staff.
Rex WilsonRex Wilson
17:59 21 Dec 21
The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is truly the voice of businesses in Carlsbad. Members are highly involved and the events they provide for education, networking, and fundraising are top-notch. Revel Energy is a proud member of this great organization.
Jeff SeversonJeff Severson
23:49 20 Dec 21
I can't say enough good things about the Carlsbad Chamber. Bret, the CEO, and his staff are fantastic! The membership is strong and supportive. The events, tools, resources that's provided are terrific. To anyone who is considering becoming a member of the Carlsbad Chamber, I highly recommend you joining!
Keith BadinerKeith Badiner
04:21 15 Dec 21
The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is one of the best organization I have ever experienced. The friendly, intelligent, and forward thinking staff continue to grow great opportunities for all of the members. I can directly attribute referred business, special opportunities, and value recognize by clients to my involvement to this Chamber. If you have any questions, "Just Ask" me; I'm sure you'll appreciate what the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce can do for you.
Haley PetersonHaley Peterson
17:31 11 Dec 21
The Carlsbad Chamber is a great way to get involved in your community and connect with other businesses. I have been involved with various committees and events for years and it is always a rewarding experience! The government affairs committee always offers an inside look into what is happening in our region and a comfortable way to ask questions and learn more. Bret and his whole team are incredible and full of so many resources.
Ram SRam S
17:25 10 Dec 21
I have been a member of the Chamber for the past 3 years. It was a wonderful experience for me. I am on the Tech Advisory Committee as well.The office staff is so friendly to work with. At every event, I was able to make all new connections. I can't think of a better place to launch my new SaaS business. Looking forward to more active participation at future Chamber events.
Nikki KayNikki Kay
16:35 05 Dec 21
What’s not to love about the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce?! They are an outstanding organization that puts relationships first and are very well integrated in the local business community. The Chamber is brilliantly led by Brett S, who has an equally fabulous team supporting him. They are forward thinking and fun, and always ready to push the boundaries for the good of its members and the local community it supports. I highly recommend.
Katelin ScanlanKatelin Scanlan
20:00 29 Nov 21
The Chamber continues to be a fantastic resource for Carlsbad and the surrounding region. They track public policy that impacts businesses and their members, provide opportunities to network and connect with community leaders and put on events that foster community engagement and support local businesses. If you aren't a member already, consider joining so you can access all the wonderful benefits being offered!
Jani JacksonJani Jackson
21:46 09 Nov 21
Fantastic organization! I really appreciate the Carlsbad Chamber's philosophy of building relationships first, and business will follow. The Carlsbad Chamber has been invaluable to me in growing my business. Excellent workshops, speakers, networking opportunities, and community.
Kathleen McNaryKathleen McNary
17:51 09 Nov 21
I was a member in 2014, and am so grateful for the opportunity I got to work here here 7 years ago. The entire community comes together to help each other here, and I get to participate.
John O'ReillyJohn O'Reilly
16:40 05 Nov 21
Cool chamber. Put on an incredible hybrid (virtual + in-person) meeting! Great sense of community and camaraderie. Excellent Govt Affairs committee!
Marcy BroweMarcy Browe
15:55 05 Nov 21
Very high level professional organization. I’ve given and received business multiple times. I’m a huge fan of the Chamber and their staff. Keep up the great work!
Janine BurkeJanine Burke
20:36 08 Oct 21
I am so grateful for the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce! I have met wonderful people, and my business would not be as successful without the Chamber! The Chamber is constantly working to advocate for businesses in the community. The events are positive and celebrate the local businesses and small business entrepreneurs. It is a "must join" for Carlsbad businesses!







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