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Understanding Recycling and Waste Prevention

Lori Somers Community & Municipal Relations Manager Waste Management Many businesses today are looking for ways to be more efficient and reduce costs. On that front, when was the last time you paid attention to the waste your business produces? Waste prevention, waste reduction, and waste diversion are three important approaches businesses can take to…
Ellen Neufeldt

CSUSM President talks response to pandemic

Dr. Patricia L. Prado-Olmos Vice Preident of Community Engagement California State University San Marcos When Cal State San Marcos held its 17th Report to the Community in early February, it was a novel event. It was the first Report to the Community in the history of CSUSM that took place virtually, a reminder of the…
Art class

Arts education inspires tomorrow’s workforce

Laurette GarnerCommunity Arts CoordinatorCity of CarlsbadAs our society transitions from an instructional informational style of learning to one centered in collaboration and critical and creative thinking with increasing access to information online, businesses and corporations are looking to different measurements for a diversifying workforce. Since memorizing or reiterating information isn’t viewed as it was in…

New study: Local manufacturing sector growing strong

Matt Sanford Economic Development Manager City of Carlsbad After a hard year, the renewal of this springtime feels especially welcomed.Carlsbad’s economy is showing signs of resilience, too. In particular, the manufacturing industry is projecting some promising growth, even in the wake of COVID. A new study by Innovate78 spotlights these strong points. Here are the key…
New Village Arts

Women boost economy in the Village

Christine Davis Executive Director Carlsbad Village Association Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society and has been observed annually in the month of March in the United States since 1987. While their contributions are significant and varied, those in the world of business have never been more evident…

NCAN calls Carlsbad home

RICHARD L. SCHULTZ Cultural Arts Manager City of CarlsbadFebruary and Valentine’s Day are about love. The arts and Carlsbad have been in a long-term relationship, even a long-standing love affair. The City of Carlsbad significantly sustain the arts with an active Cultural Arts Office, established in 1986, and one of the largest municipal teams in…

7 Quick Ways to More Referrals

You current clients/customers are likely an untapped resource of additional revenue. After all, it is much easier to sell to someone who already likes you than it is to win over a new person.But there’s a lot of competition out there.There’s a saying in the restaurant industry that a diner who described their meal as…

A gift from the heart

Christine Davis Executive Director Carlsbad Village Association February is National Heart Awareness Month. The significance of this month-long campaign is different for everyone. With heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States, it is highly likely that we have all been touched by it in some way or another.But February is…

Carlsbad tech companies keeping us connected during COVID

Matt Sanford Economic Development Manager City of Carlsbad “You’re on mute.”I’m willing to bet that was the most uttered phrase of 2020. Video conferencing and all its gaffes have been a hallmark of remote working.The pandemic, in fact, has pushed us all to new heights of online usage. Zoom saw its daily users jump from 10…

How to Get Backlinks and Why Your Local Business Needs Them

When I was in marketing for a tech company in the beginning days of content marketing, links were gold. Every time someone linked to our content my boss got excited. While I loved the free publicity and SEO awesomeness we acquired from links, I hated the act of actively pursuing them. It felt like we…