Member Affinity Benefit Programs

The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce has partnered with many different companies to help bring you resources that will save you money and time while also providing protection from liability.  Look through these various programs and click open any that look like they may be of value to you.

401k Aggregate Program

In 2018 the California State Legislature passed a law requiring all companies with 5 employees or more to offer retirement benefits to their employees or face fines and penalties. As of June 30, 2022, all companies with 5 employees or more are mandated to offer retirement benefits.  We have a great benefit that you can bring to your company now with the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce Aggregate 401k Program.  This program is a win-win-win.  Here are some features: Less expensive than stand-alone 401k plans; Less time for your staff to manage it; Features that only Fortune 100 companies have in their 401k plans; Reduces your liability as the plan sponsor; To find out more information or get started, CLICK HERE. To see a presentation, CLICK HERE.

Labor Law Posters

Even if you have just one employee, you must post a compliant, UP-TO-DATE Employment Poster in a conspicuous place in the workplace where all employees and applicants can see it. The poster also must include information about your workers’ compensation benefits, payday schedule and emergency contacts. You may need to order several to ensure that your business, branches and satellite offices are displaying the poster according to the law. Failure to comply can result in severe penalties and fines by the state of California. Order your 2024 Posters TODAY!

Job Board

Talent attraction can be one of the most difficult tasks for a growing business.  We have created a FREE Job Board for our members to place open positions and attract local talent.  This Board will be highly publicized locally and will be a great asset to your recruiting efforts. Click here to see the latest.

Free Sexual Harassment Prevention Training & More

It seems like Sacramento comes up with a new “mandate” almost daily.  One of the latest mandates is that all companies with 5 employees or more has to conduct sexual harassment prevention training by Jan. 1, 2021.  Supervisors must complete a two-hour training, other employees a one-hour training. That can add up.  However, King Benefits of Carlsbad is now offering all Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce members FREE training for their staffs. And not only that. How about simplified HR Resources, Compliance Apps and HR Hotline Consultations. In addition, they are offering exclusive insurance pricing through Mutual of Omaha.  To find out all about this programs and benefits CLICK HERE. To see a presentation, CLICK HERE.

Discount Office Products, Computers and Much More

Who doesn’t like discounts? We love discounts. We know you love discounts. So the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Excelerate America to bring you all kinds of great discounts. We are talking about saving 55% on office products, 40% on Dell laptops, 30% off of QuickBooks and much more. To see all the different options and start saving money today, CLICK HERE.


Staples Connect

Exclusive discounts at Staples Stores.  Click for more details.