Carolina Alban

Carolina Alban-Stoughton

Director of Communication & Engagement
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce

When it comes to Love, Health and Wellness, Carlsbad is undoubtedly a great place for those to thrive. The city’s beaches with their stunning sunsets, are the perfect backdrop for any romantic getaway. From high quality hospital networks to smaller clinics, the community has access to great services to stay healthy. Furthermore, wonderful trails and great year-round weather help promote outdoor physical activity, making it easier for locals and visitors to get their much needed vitamin D. It’s no surprise then, that so many businesses built around these three areas, set up shop here in Carlsbad.

Wellness on wheels

“Being outside promotes movement and mental health,” says General Manager of Beach Vibe Rental & Sales LLC Xavier Herrera. His company specializes in rentals of e-bikes and golf carts so people can get some fresh air and soak in the ocean breeze. “The beautiful coastal views, landscape, and weather makes this the ideal place for Beach Vibe. Support from tourism and locals is another piece of what helps us thrive. The proximity to the beach, local shops, and restaurants aresome of the best perks of being in Carlsbad.”

Renting an e-bike or a golf cart, allows those who want to explore Carlsbad, cover more ground in less time.

Herrera says renting an e-bike or a golf cart, allows those who want to explore the city, cover more ground in less time. “Our best e-bikes go up to 94 miles on a single charge.” Needless to say, as spring gets closer and with that even better weather, Herrera believes February will be a good month for his business. “Beach Vibe is the perfect addition for an outing in the Village during Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of our Sunset Special, a night ride in a golf cart. An exclusive way to see the sunset and discover the local nightlife.” Steps towards health Carlsbad features a wide range of trails for hikers of all levels.

Steps towards health

The trail at Batiquitos Lagoon is a favorite one. “People always say that Batiquitos is like an oasis within an urban environment,” says Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation Vice President, Deb Mossa. “When you make the first turn and get away from the freeway it becomes very quiet and peaceful. After a while it can feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. It is tranquil and the trail is easy to navigate; flat and wide.”

The Foundation is in charge of protecting this precious Carlsbad wetland so that it can continue to provide wellness benefits to future generations. “Many studies have shown that exposure to nature is part of general well being for humans. Being out in the sunshine, smelling the sage and other native plants, hearing the birds sing and seeing them flying over the lagoon or wading on the shore is nourishment for the soul. Many people who live here in Carlsbad, like myself, are attracted to the open space and natural habitats that surround us.” While Mossa says that “a romantic evening walk on the Batiquitos lagoon trail would be a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one,” the truth is “people are on the trail year round. Dog walkers, families, senior citizens, and joggers are there everyday. There are picnic tables under the trees by the Nature Center and people bring a bag lunch and enjoy it alfresco. Bird watchers are always at Batiquitos as we are on the Pacific flyway and a migratory spot for many birds.”

The Batiquitos Lagoon North Shore trail runs 1.6 miles along the lagoon. Once hikers get to the end, they turn around and walk back.
That makes for a 3.2 mile walk without hills and is the perfect length and difficulty level for
leisurely exercise.

Fun on the water

Located on Carlsbad’s iconic Aqua Hedionda Lagoon, California Watersports offers locals and visitors a great opportunity to explore the lagoon on a kayak, paddleboard, boat, and more. According to the company’s owner, Josh Cantor, California Watersports became an important outlet during the pandemic. “There are all kinds of benefits,” says Cantor. “Just being outside in the fresh air, especially in the last couple years with everything being so confining and restricting, and everybody has kind of been put through a trauma, that just being able to be outside and have some normalcy of being on the water, being open, being free, with the fresh air is therapeutic.” With Southern California’s great weather, the company is open all year round.

“We are in the business of renting fun,” says Cantor. And while the summer tends to be busier, locals do take advantage of the winter and spring months. “For a lot of the people who live around here they like this time of year

Located on Carlsbad’s iconic Aqua Hedionda
Lagoon, California Watersports offers locals and visitors a great opportunity to explore the lagoon on a kayak, paddleboard, boat, and more.

even better because you get a paddleboard, you get out there on the water and you have all the place to yourself. You kind of forget that you are in Southern California in the middle of a few million people when you are out there floating on the lagoon all to yourself.” The lagoon is certainly a favorite on Valentine’s Day. “Our place is an amazing date spot,” says Cantor. “It’s kind of that date spot for the people who are thinking outside of the box than just dinner and flowers.”