What is the mood of business in Carlsbad?
Though for some businesses things are now better than they were in past years, I think many people are still in a "mattress economy." In my opinion, the challenge is dealing with FEAR, which I define as False Evidence Appearing Real. Business owners worry about all of the things that can go awry and impact their livelihood, whether it's the fate of the Affordable Care Act that's still being decided in the courts, the tax structure being redone, or what have you. Many businesses are still in "survival mode" when in reality, there is help for them. Being part of a chamber of commerce goes a long way to battling FEAR. First, they know they'll have resources to tackle the big unknowns. Also, our members are part of a community of business owners, some of whom have found solutions and can help fellow businesses deal with their issues.
How is the Chamber helping businesses?
There is no formula. It's not like we can say, "Here are the 10 things that you need to do to be successful in your business." Everyone has a different need and we need to know what those needs are to provide the best service to our members. For us, there is no issue that's too small to be taken care of. We're always here and we encourage our members to contact us with their concerns.
The other thing we do is we have set up opportunities for members that they can't refuse.
We offer many services that can help businesses gain the tools they need to navigate the ins and outs of owning and managing a business.
The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is the second-largest chamber in the County of San Diego and the 10th largest in the state of California. The Chamber works to build a healthy economy, advocating for the business community before government, promoting the community as a whole, and providing members networking opportunities to build their businesses. It helps businesses thrive through professional development programs in human resources, sales techniques, networking and more. Advisory committees offer many opportunities for community involvement. With more than 1,400 members, the Chamber represents more than 65,000 employees.
This large and varied membership allows the Chamber to offer a variety of programs and services to support both large and small businesses. From networking and promotional opportunities to relocation assistance and legislative advocacy to trade shows and educational programs, the Chamber works to help businesses succeed.