At Village Montessori School, trained Montessori teachers help guide children as they develop at their own pace and in their own way. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) observed the way children naturally learn and developed a method that assisted them while respecting their independence.

Our infant program encourages babies to move freely as they are able. They sit at a low table to eat when they are developmentally ready. Small classes and a low ratio allow for a calm and peaceful environment.

Beginning with the toddler environment, children learn skills of daily living while developing eye and hand coordination, control of movement, and concentration. The Practical Life area is the foundation of all academic work. In the sensorial area, children refine their senses and learn to discriminate according to size, shape, color, weight, and texture.

The youngest children in our early childhood program have the opportunity to learn the sounds the letters make and to begin to decode words. They learn to write words and even sentences with a moveable alphabet. Language is an integral part of the program with card sets that teach the names of things from geometric shapes to the parts of a fish.

Through the use of materials designed to teach a specific concept, children can learn to recognize numbers from 1-9 and associate quantity. Other materials help the child to understand the decimal system. Any math operation is taught by showing a child how to use a material and encouraging them to practice.

Beautiful materials entice the child to explore our natural world, the biomes, the continents, and the solar system. The child gradually learns to read about what they are learning and to write in order to share what they learned.

Our curriculum helps children develop and cultivate an interest in music and movement, to explore different media and learn to express themselves in creative ways.

Our Montessori environments are carefully prepared, giving the students strong guidelines to establish good work habits and social skills. Our goal is to provide the students with a solid academic background and a lifelong love of learning.