Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Rising Star of the Month is to bring the community together to honor our local high school seniors for demonstrating character, integrity, love of learning, involvement in school and community activities; And/or the ability to overcome challenging life circumstances without compromising their education. The core of the Rising Star of the Month is the student who makes a difference in their home, school and community with sincerity and passion.


Rising Star of the Month:

Presenting Sponsor(s):

The Rising Star of the Month is a program from the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce’s Education Committee.  The goal is to champion students that have overcome significant challenges in their life, but have managed to keep, or get back on track with their education. We honor one high school senior each month from each of our area high schools at a breakfast.   At the end of the school year, we will give scholarships to at least one student from each of our participating high schools.

Rising Star Breakfasts are open to all educators, family members of students being honored, Chamber Board Members, and event sponsors. All donations to the Rising Star of the Month program are tax deductible as this is officially a program of the Chamber’s “Partner’s in Education” 501c3. If you would like to visit one of our monthly breakfast to see if you would like to be a sponsor, please email: [email protected]

2022-23 School Year

April, 2023 Playlist:

  • Diana SalazarSage Creek
  • Andrea De Los SantosCHS
  • Reese SilcoxLCC
  • Lubahah AlmtwaleSeaside
  • Michael RemirezANA

    March, 2023 Playlist:

    • Naia RiggenbackPacific Ridge
    • Curt White – CHS
    • William Trotter – ANA
    • Ryan PlatenbergLCC
    • Reilly GouethSage Creek


      February, 2023 Playlist:

      • Samantha Bickerstaff Sage – Creek
      • Madison DesjardinsLCC
      • Carleigh LyonCHS

        January, 2023 Playlist:

        • Jakob SchrohCHS 
        • Trennon McNaughtonLCC
        • Hope Hanson – Pacific Ridge
        • Ka;u Reues CortesSage Creek


          December, 2022 Playlist:

          • Audrey RuckerSage Creek
          • Aaditya PitreCHS
          • Louisa CliffSeaside


            November, 2022 Playlist:

            • Isabella Regan – CHS 
            • Drea McIver-FioricaLCC
            • Chase WinklerSage Creek
            • Mel Scurlock – CVA



                October, 2022 :

                • Grace Martin- Sage Creek
                • Solange DzeketeyPacific Ridge
                • Shane BaumLCC
                • David DrorANA 
                • Daniel GomezCHS


                    September, 2022 Playlist:

                    • Isabella BernabeoSage Creek
                    • Ava GroselyCHS 
                    • Izzy – Enfinger LCC


                        2021-22 School Year

                        April, 2022

                        • Kailani Chung – Carlsbad High 
                          Noah Sharar – Sage Creek 
                          Drake Snyder – Army/Navy
                          Yasmin Boal-Akino – Pacific Ridge


                            March, 2022 Playlist:

                            • Hector Jeronimo – Carlsbad High
                            • Christian Dorsey – Sage Creek
                            • Kaia Finn – LCC 
                            • Ian West – LCC


                                February, 2022 Playlist:

                                • Rylie McLaren – Sage Creek 
                                • Charlie Dorsey – Carlsbad High


                                    January, 2022 Playlist:

                                    • Niki Pirouzfar – Sage Creek
                                    • Luca Colmignoli – Pacific Ridge
                                    • Giselle Reyes – LCC
                                    • Vanessa Herrera Carlsbad High

                                        December, 2021 Playlist:

                                        • Keone Fatiaki – Army and Navy Academy
                                        • Daniela Yakuta – Carlsbad High School
                                        • William Pugmire – La Costa Canyon High School
                                        • Evan Willsmore – Pacific Ridge School
                                        • Luis Armenta – Sage Creek High School


                                              November, 2021 Playlist:

                                              • Isaac Barbosa – Carlsbad High School
                                              • Laura Zhou – Pacific Ridge School
                                              • Brooke DeGraan – Sage Creek High School


                                                    October, 2021 Playlist:

                                                    • Mia Humphrey – Sage Creek High School
                                                    • Nina Finch – La Costa Canyon High School
                                                    • Zarif Khan – Army and Navy Academy
                                                    • Riley Knudsen – Carlsbad High School


                                                          September, 2021 Playlist:

                                                          • Wendy Savalza – Carlsbad High School
                                                          • Olivia Pacheco – La Costa Canyon High School
                                                          • Capri Suarez – Sage Creek High School


                                                                2020-21 School Year

                                                                2020 Rising Stars of the YEAR Scholarship Winners, Playlist:

                                                                • Bella Niems – Sage Creek High School
                                                                • Bennett Hochner – Sage Creek High School
                                                                • Carter Blom – Sage Creek High School
                                                                • Kameron Zablan – Sage Creek High School
                                                                • Nolan Mejia – Sage Creek High School
                                                                • Ismael Vera – Carlsbad High School
                                                                • Karen Antonio – Carlsbad High School
                                                                • Aiko Lozar – Carlsbad High School
                                                                • Chiara Frank – La Costa Canyon High School

                                                                April, 2021 Playlist:

                                                                • Birgen Grueskin, Carlsbad High School
                                                                • Jayden Lucian, La Costa Canyon High School
                                                                • Kami Zablan, Sage Creek High School

                                                                March, 2021 Playlist:

                                                                • Chloe Blankenhorn, Sage Creek High School
                                                                • Jordan Becknell, Pacific Ridge School
                                                                • Manush Murali, La Costa Canyon High School
                                                                • Ismael Vera, Carlsbad High School

                                                                February, 2021 Playlist:

                                                                • Aiko Lozar, Carlsbad High School
                                                                • Mobina Riazi, La Costa Canyon High School
                                                                • Tiffany Leyva, Sage Creek High School

                                                                January, 2021 Playlist:

                                                                • Sarah Williams, La Costa Canyon High School
                                                                • Jaiv Doshi, Pacific Ridge School
                                                                • Evan Boda, Carlsbad High School
                                                                • Sam Allen, Sage Creek High School

                                                                December, 2020 Playlist:

                                                                • Carter Blom, Sage Creek High School
                                                                • Chiara Frank, La Costa Canyon High School
                                                                • Nick Simpson, Pacific Ridge School
                                                                • Ravi Pathak, Carlsbad High School

                                                                November, 2020 Playlist:

                                                                • Kendal Furman, Carlsbad High School
                                                                • Bella Niems, Sage Creek High School

                                                                  October, 2020 Playlist:

                                                                  • Nolan Mejia, Sage Creek High School
                                                                  • Alex Beltran Nuñez, Carlsbad High School
                                                                  • Carson Robles, La Costa Canyon High School
                                                                  • Shoshana Lehrer, Pacific Ridge School

                                                                      September, 2020 Playlist:

                                                                      • Karen Antonio, Carlsbad High School
                                                                      • Ian Collins, La Costa Canyon High School
                                                                      • Bennett Hochner, Sage Creek High School

                                                                          2019-20 School Year

                                                                          2020 Rising Stars of the YEAR Scholarship Winners, Playlist:

                                                                          • Luis Jofre, Carlsbad High School
                                                                          • Edward Gardner, Carlsbad High School
                                                                          • Aaliyah Rivas, La Costa Canyon High School
                                                                          • Samantha Low, Sage Creek High School
                                                                          • Sofia Hart, Pacific Ridge School
                                                                          • Mary Fangman, Pacific Ridge School

                                                                          February, 2020 Playlist:

                                                                          • Zoe Thompkins – La Costa Canyon
                                                                          • Steven Wynn – Carlsbad High
                                                                          • Henry Fowler Bmbardier – Pacific Ridge School
                                                                          • Destini Perkins – Sage Creek

                                                                              December, 2019 Playlist:

                                                                              • Juan Zacarias Francisco – La Costa Canyon
                                                                              • Mia McCarthy – Pacific Ridge School
                                                                              • Edward Gardner – Carlsbad High
                                                                              • Elaine Shi – Sage Creek

                                                                                  November, 2019 Playlist:

                                                                                  • Cavaughn Higgs – Sage Creek
                                                                                  • Chloie Wayne – La Costa Canyon
                                                                                  • Colton Powers – Army and Navy Academy
                                                                                  • Jamie Polmar – Carlsbad High
                                                                                  • Dylan McVeigh – Carlsbad Village Academy

                                                                                    October, 2019 Playlist:

                                                                                    • Sofia Hart – Pacific Ridge School
                                                                                    • Alex Gregorio Lopez – Carlsbad High
                                                                                    • Samantha Law – Sage Creek
                                                                                    • Aaliyah Rivas – La Costa Canyon

                                                                                    September, 2019 Playlist:

                                                                                    • Hayat Abdelwhabh – Sage Creek
                                                                                    • Olivia Stephens – La Costa Canyon
                                                                                    • Ana Laura Flores – Carslbad High