Army and Navy Academy students launches book

Army and Navy Academy proudly hosted a book signing event on December 7, 2023 for senior and author, Colton Fildelman, for his book titled “The Teenage Guide to Success: The TICK TOCK Formula for Life, Relationships, and Careers.”

Colton’s book provides teenagers with the tools and insights to navigate the challenges of adolescence and unlock their full potential. Based on his own experiences and interviews with 20 successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers, Colton’s book covers essential principles such as Taming Social Media, Inspiring Hard Work, Choosing a Mentor, Knowing Your Struggles, Treasure Beyond Money, Owning Your Passion, Cultivating Relationships, and Knowledge Expansion.

The book has received endorsements from renowned figures including Academy President, Major General Peggy C Combs, United States Army (Ret), and provides a crystal-clear roadmap to success, unwavering motivation, skill development for personal and professional growth, and expert guidance and accountability.

We were proud to host this special event attended by community leaders, faculty, staff, parents, and members of the media, and hope that the book guides others on how to write their own success stories as Colton did!

Check out Army and Navy Academy senior Colton Fildelman’s book titled “The Teenage Guide to Success: The TICK TOCK Formula for Life, Relationships, and Careers” sold on Amazon.

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