Barrio Glassworks is the realization of a family dream. In 2012, the Raskin/Devlin family landed on the famous glassblowing island of Murano, Italy for a vacation. Like so many others, Drew, Mary and Gary were transfixed watching master glassblowers at work, not realizing where fortune was about to lead them. Drew Raskin, an emerging multi-faceted artist, fell in love with the form and it was not long before his parents did too.

The family spent time with glassblowers in Seattle’s glass community and were taken with the intricacy and collaborative spirit of the craft. The community of artists the family met and worked with demonstrated that a glass studio is not only a breeding ground for beautiful works of art, but also for cooperation and team effort. Barrio Glassworks is eager to share this collaborative beautiful art form with neighbors, travelers and artists in residence.

Barrio Glassworks is thrilled to be located in the historic Barrio Community of Carlsbad Village and intend to honor the true meaning of the word Barrio (neighborhood in Spanish) by creating inclusive opportunities for education, entertainment, and outreach. Programming will include community events, artist residencies, live demonstrations, instruction, studio rentals and MakeYour-Own classes.

Visitors are invited to come be mesmerized by talented glassblowers practicing their craft in beautiful Carlsbad.

The business hosts a retail gift shop full of hand blown glass and an art gallery displaying work by local talent. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Barrio Glassworks is an exciting place to visit.

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