Awards, awards, awards…They come in all shapes and sizes: MVPs, Champions, Best of…, Most Improved…, and many, many more. They cover all levels of contribution: leaders, supporters, creators, directors, coaches, players, teams, divisions, departments, classes, teachers, visionaries, and more. Their purpose is multifaceted: to inspire, encourage, challenge and elevate everyone associated with a goal. However, with all the talk in the past decade about “participation trophies” and the sheer number of award programs that exist, the cynic might be tempted to minimize the value of awards. But those truly engaged, see the opportunity to celebrate all that collectively brings excellence.

Here at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, we choose to do the latter. We want to find every kernel of positive impact and celebrate it! That is why we changed our awards last year to be the CBADs – Carlsbad Business, Achievement, & Distinction Awards. On March 19, we want to showcase and celebrate all that makes our community thrive.

We have broadened our focus in 2020 to include business awards, community awards, and education awards. The Chamber’s traditional focus on business is well known, but one of our core purposes as an organization is to champion our community. Our community and education awards are focused on just that. One facet of our community will not excel if another one is doing poorly. Our goal in championing our community is to positively impact everything that creates the quality of life we have become accustomed to. And our theme, Bridge to the Future, is all about seizing opportunities and making the most of them.

Dr. Irwin Jacobs, Founding Chairman and CEO Emeritus of Qualcomm®

I grew up as a child of the 80s, and I remember “2020” seeming like it was so far out in the future. But here we are and we are going to celebrate those who helped us get to this point in history and those who are making sure the next 50 years are just as successful!

Our keynote speaker for this event is also an agent of impact. Our very own Carlsbad business owner and board member, Adam Jacobs, will be interviewing his grandfather, Dr. Irwin Jacobs, the Founding Chairman and CEO Emeritus of Qualcomm®. “Since my retirement, I often meet with young entrepreneurs who want advice on how to start the next Qualcomm,” says Irwin Jacobs. “I always enjoy sharing the lessons that I have learned in starting both Linkabit and Qualcomm, including leadership by example, perseverance, and working cooperatively to solve problems.”

Adam Jacobs, Owner/Founder Fortis Fitness and Strength Training & YOGALUX

Adam is the owner and founder of Fortis Fitness and Strength Training & YOGALUX in Bressi Ranch. He will be talking shop with his grandfather for the benefit of all in attendance. “Having grown up in North County, it amazes me how much this region has to offer,” says Adam Jacobs. “The thing that stands out the most is the incredible community that has been built. The people are truly the heart of soul of this region!” This will be a discussion with one of San Diego’s most successful change agents ever, you might not want to miss it!

We are also blessed to have KUSI News Anchor (and North County resident), Lauren Phinney back as our emcee. That means that everything is lined up, now all we need is you! Get a ticket, sponsor a table, bring co-workers, clients, friends, family and more. We hope to see you on March 19 as we embark upon the Bridge to the Future!