Carlsbad women business leaders are drivers of our economy

In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month, and in Carlsbad, there is no question that women have been and continue to be a driver of our city and our local economy. Women founders and business leaders bring unique perspectives and innovations to the business world, which in turn, catalyze our local economy’s expansion and diversification.

Women leaders in Carlsbad are not just running businesses; they are defining industries, creating jobs, and fostering communities of innovation and inclusivity. Examples include Pree Walia, founder of Nailbot, a product that allows for individualism and style to be shown with every wave and handshake. Pree is growing her company in Carlsbad and is a shining example of our culture of innovation.

Stephanie Issa and Christine Ong forsythe of Lullabar, La Costa.


Sarah Davis, founder of Fashionphile, created a company that rethinks the market for designer handbags and accessories. Fashionphile has grown into an industry leader and is noted for its quality and authentication processes, often being depended on by major fashion brands.

Christine Ong Forsythe created The Lullabar in La Costa. The concept acknowledges that mothers and caregivers need services or a place to unwind but can’t always choose between self-care and care for their children. The Lullabar does both. Bringing together childcare with a café and nail salon, gives a new meaning to “family friendly.”

Starr Edwards created Bitchin’ Sauce as a product that is both nutritious and delicious. The “Made in Carlsbad” brand is exported to stores around the country and even internationally.

These are just a few examples of women in Carlsbad who have leveraged their unique experiences and perspectives to create businesses that are innovative contributors and engaged members of our business community.

The importance of women founders and business leaders to our economy cannot be overstated. They bring diverse viewpoints that lead to innovative solutions, tapping into new markets and driving economic growth. Their ventures contribute significantly to our local economy, creating employment opportunities and enhancing the city’s competitiveness on a global stage. Moreover, their success stories serve as powerful inspirations for the next generation of women entrepreneurs, demonstrating that their aspirations are valid and achievable.

Celebrating the perspective of women in business also means acknowledging the unique challenges they face, from access to capital to representation in leadership roles. It’s crucial that we, as a community, support initiatives and policies that level the playing field, providing women entrepreneurs with the resources and network they need to thrive.

In this vein, we are proud to have Hera Hub in Carlsbad. Hera Hub is a female-focused coworking space and business accelerator that provides education, mentoring, and collaboration for women entrepreneurs to help their businesses grow and thrive.

The San Diego and Imperial Women’s Business Center also provides trainings, resources, and support for women entrepreneurs throughout our region and can be a great resource for women small business owners and founders.

As our economy surges forward, the role of women founders and business leaders in shaping the future of Carlsbad’s economy becomes ever more critical. We cannot unlock our full economic potential without their perspective and experience. Their leadership, creativity, and resilience are invaluable assets that drive innovation, create jobs, and build a more inclusive and sustainable economic landscape.

So, let’s celebrate the women who make Carlsbad businesses great and acknowledge the critical role they play in Carlsbad’s economic vitality.