Encinitas Union School District’s vision, values and learner profile

The Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) proudly serves the communities of Encinitas and south Carlsbad. Encinitas has had a long-standing tradition of providing an exemplary educational experience for students. From a strong and committed Board of Trustees, to the stellar instructional teams and support staff, to the involved community and families, we are here to create the best school experience possible for our children. It is this common goal that allows EUSD to flourish.

This year, we launched a refreshed vision statement and learner profile. We value the uniqueness and gifts of every child in EUSD and it is our vision to ignite the limitless potential of every learner. Our steadfast commitment to educating the whole child remains. We value creating schools that support a feeling of belonging and joy for all. We know it is essential that students feel welcomed and loved in order for them to learn and thrive. This truly helps to build a sense of community within the classroom, school and district as relationships are the foundation for all that we do. 

We have outlined the major competencies necessary for all learners (students and staff) which include being a(n): Empowered Learner, Global Citizen, Innovative Thinker, Skilled Communicator, Wellness Advocate, Confident Collaborator. These all combine to ensure learners can reach their full potential and be future ready for the complexities and challenges in school and beyond.  

Discover EUSD’s Learner Profile.


In EUSD, we have been re-imaging our classroom learning experiences to ensure authentic, real-world learning opportunities through project and place based learning. We are elevating student voice to ensure they have opportunities to direct their learning, reflect on their learning and communicate their progress in meaningful ways. 

A recent example of how our Learner Profile competencies are driving learning was with 5th graders at La Costa Heights Elementary in Carlsbad. As an extension to the Water Wise program at the Farm Lab DREAMS Campus, students explored water scarcity and its far-reaching impacts. Through discussions, videos, and stories, the students learned about implications, including barriers to education, economic limitations for women, health challenges, and more. Students engaged in the book “A Long Walk to Water,” where they learned about the struggles faced by those seeking clean water, particularly in regions affected by water scarcity.

The students also participated in an interactive activity to learn about the various ways clean water is accessed around the world. Each class collectively walked a mile carrying 40-pound jerry cans to simulate the challenge of obtaining safe drinking water. The students’ efforts shined light on the global water crisis and the experiences further promoted their empathy and understanding.

Our new vision, learner profile, and strategic plan provide our important Framework for the Future. Click this link for more information on EUSD’s Framework for the Future.  Or, view the informational video on the main page of www.eusd.net.