Most everyone has heard the phrase, “Be a fountain, not a drain” which encourages optimism and confidence to fill others up (like a fountain) versus being a drain by depleting other people’s resources and energy.

Element Education’s podcast focuses on the value of self-determination for authentic learning and happiness.

And then there are the marigolds and walnut trees. Marigolds are used in gardening to repel pests and keep weeds at bay making everything around them stronger and healthier. Walnut trees, on the other hand, give off a toxic substance killing everything nearby.

Finally, we have podcasts and audiobooks. While I would never say audiobooks are in the same category as drains and walnut trees, they do have a downside when compared to podcasts. Audiobooks tend to require more energy to follow, while podcasts have shorter monologues and interactive discussions which require less focus, thus making them easier to listen to while walking, commuting, doing chores, and waiting. Podcasts tend to include several points of view and experiences, whereas an audiobook presents only that of the book author. With audiobooks, one feels a connection with the fictional character or detached reader (very few are read by the actual author). However, when listening to podcasts, you get to know the host; and like any friendship, the more time you have together, the more connected you feel. And, finally, podcasts are free and available whenever you are. They are easy to search to find just the right topic of interest and desired listening time. From health and fitness and other forms of self-improvement to history, business, money management, investing, arts, culture, designing, and technology. You name it, there is a podcast for it.

As such Element Education hosts a podcast, Element is Everything, focused on the value of self-determination for authentic learning and happiness. So what do fountains, marigolds, and podcasts have in common? They are all essential elements to finding your element. Giving and receiving positive energy, finding companions and mentors who make us stronger and healthier, and tapping into the wisdom of podcasts which share our interests make us better and empower us to take ownership of our learning and our happiness.

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