Carolina AlbanCarolina Alban-Stoughton 
Director of Communication & Engagement 
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce 

When Girls Scouts San Diego CEO Carol Dedrich heard her organization’s name as the winner of a CBAD Award in the Community Impact Regional category, she couldn’t hide her excitement. “I was thrilled! To be selected out of this very deserving group of businesses and organizations was humbling, especially given the incredibly challenging circumstances we have all been facing,” remembers Dedrich. The 2021 CBAD Awards Luncheon, held last month, gathered leaders from different businesses and organizations. Dedrich couldn’t wait to share the news with those in her staff who were not present. “We immediately sent a group message to our team to let them know we were selected for this honor, and the chatter back was heart filling!”

At another table, Snyder Art & Design community artist, Bryan Snyder, had just heard his name called as well, but for the Community Impact Local category. “I’ve spent the last 15 years helping encourage the development of an artistic and creative culture here in Carlsbad. Without the continued support from residents, local businesses and organizations, this award would not have been possible. It’s something we have done together; I dedicate it to the local community!”

Bryan Snyder is looking to inspire young artist through his latest project: Alley Art Wall

True to form, this Carlsbad local, headed to a restaurant in the Village to honor the occasion. “My family and I celebrated the award with a nice dinner at Gregorio’s that night. Since then, the community has been reaching out to me with amazing words of encouragement and support.”

While November and December are two months particularly known as a time to give back, both Girls Scouts San Diego and Snyder Art & Design, have community impact as part of their core mission all year long.

Snyder has been promoting arts in Carlsbad for many years and currently serves as a member of the City of Carlsbad Arts Commission. His murals can be seen all over Carlsbad Village and even at some local schools. “I’ve lived in Carlsbad nearly my entire life. My best friends live here, own businesses here and raise their families here. We all try to make Carlsbad the best place on earth and creating culture and community based on creativity is how I do my part.”

Dedrich says serving never stops at Girls Scouts San Diego. “Throughout San Diego and Imperial counties, nearly 2,000 Girl Scout troops pursue community improvement projects that are important to each unique group of girls. These projects range in scope and size, such as caring for our beaches, deserts, parks, and mountains; educating others on health issues like cancer and dementia; and serving the elderly, and homeless. At the same time, individual girls are taking on leadership roles at their schools, religious communities, and throughout our two counties to serve, develop, and make an impact.”

Cookies are not just for the holidays. The Girls Scouts Cookie Program allows girls to discover their inner entrepreneur.

While Snyder is continuously working on several projects, there is one in particular that he is excited about because of how it may positively impact youth in our area. “I’ve been working on a very large project over the past many months titled the Alley Art Wall. Along with being Carlsbad’s largest collaboration mural consisting of 17 artists, it will also include Carlsbad’s first recreation mural space for the youth. For the first time, young artists of all skill levels will have a place to practice and nurture their growing passion.” Luckily, people may be able to enjoy a part of the Carlsbad Alley Wall very soon. “The youth section of the wall will be ready for the holidays… a gift from me, the Boys and Girls Club and the many local business and resident sponsors.”

While the community benefits greatly from Snyder’s art, his passion and dedication also contributes to Carlsbad’s local economy. “The number of diverse mural styles has become an attraction for Village visitors. Local businesses are seeing the benefits of the mural culture.”

Dedrich, who grew up as a Girl Scout, says she is always looking forward for opportunities to give back. “Among them is our beloved Entrepreneur program, AKA the Girl Scouts Cookie Program, which taps into the girls’ creative energy and builds within them a wealth of skills, confidence, and experience.”

Her deep passion for lifting up women and girls, drives her to highlight other women leaders in the community. “I am also pumped about our 22nd annual Cool Women celebration when we will honor five outstanding female leaders and celebrate our high school Girl Scout Emerging Leaders. We are accepting nominations of phenomenal women in this community now, and will celebrate on Mar. 24, 2022.”