At Ecomaids our approach is simple; your employees, your family, your pets and the environment always come first.

We don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to the products we use. A lot of companies will tell you they’re green because it’s what customers want or it will help them expand their market share. Very few truly understand all that is involved and take the necessary steps to deliver on this commitment. We believe that nature matters, what we put down the drain matters, and that the care we take in cleaning matters.

Ecomaids uses exclusive non-toxic cleaning products that are completely natural, Green Seal® certified and approved as EPA Safer Choice products.

leaning is different from a regular cleaning in many ways. The main one being a green cleaning experience is better for the health of you and your family and for your pets and the environment. Our products never contain harsh chemicals and allow for a green, non-toxic, allergen-free cleaning experience. At Ecomaids, we adhere to the highest professional green cleaning standards. Our exclusive non-toxic cleaning products, are completely natural, as well as Green Seal® certified and approved as EPA Safer Choice products.

By partnering with Ecomaids, you can feel better knowing that keeping your home or office clean, protecting your employees, family, pets and the environment are always top of mind. We use a 64-point checklist to ensure your home or office is eco clean every time. Put simply – we strive to achieve our mission of saving the planet one spotless home or office at a time!

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