Impactful, Influential Women

As we celebrate the influential women of Carlsbad it allows me to reflect and think about how thankful I am to have had so many influential women in my life. I am proud to say these individuals and many others have had a profound impact on who I am today as a person.

My grandmother, Joan Jacobs, has been an example of how to use her privilege and prominence to show what it truly means to give back to her community. In partnership with my grandfather, Irwin Jacobs, they have been champions for the advancements of the arts, culture, education, and science, among many other priorities, in our city, region, and around the world. Her commitment to taking a leading role on initiatives and encouraging others to join in the cause shows the type of role model and leader she is. Her generosity is unmatched.  She always remembers her upbringing and the values she was taught and makes sure to pass those lessons to the generations to come.

My mother, Jerri-Ann Jacobs, has never been one to take the easy road.  Amid raising four children, she still always found time to volunteer within our schools, help with projects we were working on, perform as a musician in our plays, and even coach our sports teams.  Never being one to shy away from a position where the social norm didn’t allow for female participation; like the time where a few parents would not allow their sons to play on my tee-ball team because it was coached by a woman; my mom took it as a challenge to prove that she was as good if not better of a coach than the men in the league were.

My wife, Amy Jacobs, always dives right into whatever project or passion she has committed to, she shares in my belief that if you are going to do something, you give it your all.  One example is when San Diego hosted the 2022 JCC Maccabi Games, Amy took on the chair position for the JCC Cares program, where she organized the over 2,500 athletes in community service projects all over the county; all while caring for our, at the time, 6-month-old daughter.

My sister, Sara Jacobs, continues to prove that young women are the future of our country and world. She became the youngest US Congressperson to ever represent California and continues to fight for women’s rights including healthcare and childcare reform.

My two younger siblings who I want to take the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge are my trans-brother and gender fluid sibling, whose bravery and toughness continues to have a profound influence on my life.

 My business partner and friend, Erin Scheriff, has been a thriving example of leadership. In addition to proving she and other women belong in the business world, she has become a leader in her role on the Century Club, where she works tirelessly to make sure women and other minorities are represented in the game of golf and beyond.  

My 1-year-old daughter, Aylana Jacobs, continues to be my reminder of what we are all working towards: ensuring she and future generations continue to have a better, healthier, and more equitable future.

The women of our community deserve our praise and admiration for the people that they are.  While an article doesn’t even come close to recognizing all of their achievements, my hope is that we can inspire others to identify and thank the influential women in their life.