Meet our 2024 Chair of the Board —JR Phillips of Phillips + Co takes the helm

Happy New Year!  I am delighted to be the 2024 Board Chair and look forward to working closely with staff, the Board of Directors, and our members to make this an incredible year for all.  If we haven’t met, I’m JR Phillips, founder of Phillips + Co Real Estate. With a rich background in business leadership along with a passion for community development, I find myself excited for the abundance of opportunities that are available to the Chamber, its members, and this community.

Residing in Carlsbad for nearly 27 years, I have had the pleasure of calling this great city and the community of North County home, all the while raising 3 kids who attended Carlsbad Schools.  This is home and I take these opportunities to help strengthen our community to heart. I have worked hard to build relationships in this city and value the importance of those relationships and our ability to have civil discourse and collaboration paramount in all that I do.

Elevating the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce’s influence in the region is a top priority for me. Central to achieving this goal is improving upon and developing new robust strategic partnerships that will help us to amplify our impact and foster collaboration across many diverse sectors in the region.   

JR Phillips celebrating with his wife Marie, fellow members, Taylor Beveridge and Laura Pitts at our 100th Centennial year as a Chamber, helping raise over $100K at the Centennial Gala.


I plan to actively engage with local businesses, government entities, educational institutions, and community organizations to find and establish these strategic alliances. These partnerships will not only strengthen the Chamber’s position but also will help to create a unified front to address regional challenges and capitalize on shared opportunities.

We have a talented staff and an incredibly diverse and knowledgeable Board of Directors, both of which position the Chamber well to handle the challenges that come with maintaining relevance and the highest level of value for ALL of our members no matter the size of their business. 

The members, the heart and soul of the Chamber, are over a thousand strong and continue to amaze me each and every day with their efforts to make the Chamber extraordinary.  The staff has always had an open door and welcoming ear for ideas and input and know that I am always excited myself to hear from you all.  Collaboration and discussion will always be central in how the Chamber becomes stronger in the future, so I invite each member to join me on this journey. Let’s work together to help elevate our local businesses, strengthen our community bonds, and create a thriving Carlsbad for generations to come.

Have a wonderful 2024!  I look forward to seeing you around town soon.