Pioneers, innovators, and trailblazers

“When I see a woman in the gym, I see a woman who loves herself and a woman who loves herself changes lives around her community”.

Sure, Carlsbad is known for stunning beaches and a family-oriented community, but the biggest draw in recent years? The ever growing hot spot for companies to blaze new trails! Especially the pioneering women leaving their mark on Carlsbad’s culture. 

In this special issue of the Carlsbad Business Journal, we celebrate female-led achievements and honor their legacies.

There are so many lessons to be learned from women in the workplace. Letty Pileski, a therapist and proud owner of Carlsbad’s newest women’s focused gym, KaiaFit grew up influenced by the choices her older siblings made in sports, music, activities and athletics. “We were all quite competitive in our performance. I know what’s it’s like to be on co-ed competitive teams but it was the all female teams where I met my best friends that created the forever bonds,” Letty shared.

Women of KaiaFit.

“I look back on the relationships I built with women while on competitive teams and nothing compares. The connection is real, it’s authentic. I openly invited the opportunity to open a women’s focused gym because I believe in strengthening and uplifting each other in wellness, hopes, and connection. My expertise as a licensed mental health therapist informs me that to love oneself is to honor one’s wellbeing,” said Letty.  “When I see a woman in the gym, I see a woman who loves herself and a woman who loves herself changes lives around her community”.

One of our brand new members is innovating in the engagement ring space with lab-grown, mine-free diamonds. “In an industry traditionally dominated by men, women leaders offer a fresh perspective that speaks to the people who are enjoying the products, (in my case, wearing the jewelry!) said Ashley Taylor, Lead Designer and Co-Founder of Taylor Custom Rings. “As a designer, I have the advantage of creating things that I would want to wear, and as an entrepreneur, I get to help modern couples approach engagement on their terms­­—Both are very gratifying”.

Ashley mentioned, “We need more women in leadership, in entrepreneurship, and everywhere decisions are being made. In my opinion, it will work best if it happens quickly so women don’t have to play by men’s rules as the minority — instead, they can rewrite the playbook to better serve everyone.”

Marcy Browe Photography has been with the Carlsbad Chamber for over 7 years. Specializing in personal branding photography, Marcy has collaborated and photographed a ton of other Carlsbad Chamber women-lead companies including Jackie Mazur of Guide My Finances, Dr. Yvonne Scarlett of Red Lotus Wellness Center, Patty Berg of Wishing Tree, the team at Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation, Jani Jackson of Develop Your Team, Amber of DifMix , Erin Sheriff of The Jacobs Scheriff Group, Sharla Fagan of Shear Karma, and Kim Lombardi of Coldwell Banker. 

“I get to run a company on my terms, in an unapologetically feminine way. Because I’m active at the Carlsbad Chamber, I’ve met and collaborated with many fantastic women-lead businesses. Not only have I had a chance to photograph these women and their teams, in return I’ve become their clients and collaborators for workshops, as well as referral partners. There is such a rich relationships in the women’s community and I am here to carry on the legacy of women supporting women”, said Marcy. 

These women-led businesses represent just a glimpse of female entrepreneurial talent and innovation flourishing in Carlsbad, California, in 2024. In fact, The City of Carlsbad says that Carlsbad women business leaders are drivers of our economy. 

As we celebrate these trailblazers, let us be reminded—Vulnerability is an asset!