Tonya Rodzach
Public Art Coordinator
Cultural Arts Office City of Carlsbad

More than one year after the pandemic hit, business owners and employees are continuing to adapt the way they’re offering services. This is true for us in the city’s Cultural Arts Office. City staff quickly pivoted to adjust services with in-person arts experiences shifting to mostly virtual offerings. This quest to identify creative solutions resulted in a new program, “Pop-up Art: A New Experience, Showcasing Artists in the Village.”

This spring, the Carlsbad Village Association and the City of Carlsbad’s Cultural Arts Office collaborated to engage established artists to use a wide array of media on display in different storefronts of local businesses in the Village. The goals of this pilot program are to:

  • Create interaction between the business and creative arts sectors
  • Promote greater awareness of local and regional artists
  • Attract residents and visitors to provide an enhanced experience, and
  • Encourage local businesses to incorporate unique temporary artistic creations that enliven the Village.

Carlsbad supports an inclusive vision of the arts and culture in everyday life, while stimulating an expanding creative sector economy. Original and unique artistic creations, as temporary public art, spur dialogue and enhance the Village as destination, while connecting to major city initiatives as outlined in the Village and Barrio and the Arts & Culture Master Plans. The city’s Cultural Arts Office is thrilled to be collaborating with the Carlsbad Village Association. Be sure to check out where art pops-up next!

By collaborating with the city’s Cultural Arts Office, the Carlsbad Village Association launched a
pilot program in November involving window painting by local artist Monica Martin.

During a recent interview, Carlsbad Village Association’s Executive Director Christine Davis shared her thoughts on this exciting new program.

Tell us about the inspiration for the start of this project.

The pandemic eliminated our ability to host events. Like so many others, Carlsbad Village Association has searched for a way to bring residents and visitors to the Village in a unique and safe way. A pop-up art activation is the perfect way to engage people while staying within the requirements of the public health order.

By collaborating with the city’s Cultural Arts Office, how is the Carlsbad Village Association expanding its support to local businesses?

Our initial pilot program in November involved window painting by local artist Monica Martin who created a fall foliage theme and expressed that vision at 36 businesses. This collaboration enabled us to provide renewed energy and a sense of community at a time when the pandemic was weighing very heavily on the businesses.

What value does the “Pop-up Art Experience” bring to the Village and local businesses?

This pop-up art experience helps business owners engage on a deeper level with their customers, forming an amazing connection that differentiates a small business from a big box store.

How would you describe the collaboration with Carlsbad Village Association and the Cultural Arts team?

Our shared synergy and enthusiasm sparked the originality of this special program.

What can a visitor to The Village expect to see next?

The next pop-up art experience showcases five local artists who specialize in glassblowing with displays of their artwork at 15 businesses. It’s a beautiful artform to share with residents and visitors, while creating a new intersection between art and the business community.