Supporting lifelong learning and creative expression

With the debut of a New Year, many of us make resolutions.  I find it advantageous to take stock by valuing family, friends and colleagues that fill my daily life.  I’m most fortunate to be part of the
Carlsbad Library & Arts Foundation whose philanthropic mission is to improve our community by supporting the city’s Library and Cultural Arts Department which advocates for lifelong learning and the pursuit of creative expression.  

Literature and the arts flourished during the Renaissance due in large part to the tireless support of an enlightened patronage. Today, Carlsbad’s Library & Cultural Arts Department continues to grow with the same enthusiastic involvement of those who wish to create and preserve a lasting legacy of learning and creativity for future generations. Continuing in this tradition, the Carlsbad Library & Arts Foundation was created to stimulate the enlightened patronage of our time in providing for the future growth and development as it anticipates and responds to the ever-changing needs of our growing and diverse community.

Carlsbad residents have consistently ranked the libraries as an important community asset.  And we all know what a treasure they truly are! The Carlsbad Library & Arts Foundation is also a community gem that you may want to take a closer look at this year. It values the importance of the Library’s services and the arts to bring us together through diverse expressions of thought and ideas while sparking fun and entertainment.

I joined the Carlsbad Library & Arts Foundation board because the Carlsbad libraries and arts bring a positive impact on community members of every age. I wanted to help support, encourage and promote these efforts. Volunteering at the Foundation has allowed me to give back to the community and support what I believe are so very important for our community life and growth.   

Most of all, I’m honored to serve with a group of individuals who are devoted to the Foundation’s mission to financially support and help enhance the Carlsbad libraries and arts facilities, programs and events.  As board members, we enjoy a special behind-the-scenes look at the tireless creative and collaborative efforts of the library and cultural arts staff.  They educate us.  They entertain us. And they amaze us through their collective determination and pursuit of quality, especially during the toughest days of the pandemic when they converted from in-person services to virtual programming and found new fans along the way.

 The Carlsbad Library & Arts Foundation encourages community contribution and investment in the development of the libraries and arts in Carlsbad, including the extensive Library collection and online services.  And who doesn’t enjoy a visit to a Cannon Gallery exhibit or a lively music performance in the Schulman auditorium?  I certainly do!  I cordially invite you to join me in this mission to celebrate learning and advance the arts.  For more information, please visit

 Gita K. Nassiri, JD, MBT, CPA, managing attorney at Capital Legacy Law, Inc., has over 30 years of experience, specializing in the area of estate planning (trusts, estates and probate). She volunteers for numerous local nonprofits and has served on the Carlsbad Arts Commission since 2020. Gita lives in Carlsbad with her husband and two teenage sons and enjoys family time, hiking and being a soccer mom.