Our TLC HealthPointe Lifestyle and Weight Loss Program Made Simple helps you create a lifestyle of wellness and disease prevention, by using our Five Pillars of Support for Super Health.

Our program is based on medical science not some fad diet, drugs or gim

micks. It includes personal coaching, online app to track progress,and weekly on-line professionals’ support.

You eat real food in real portions, join our Lean Team fun walks, and learn from wellness topics, such as:

  • A Carb Control Strategy
  • What’s on Your Plate?
  • The Skinny on Fats, Carbs, and Proteins
  • Smartfoods for the Ticker
  • Water the Forgotten Food
  • Staying Lean, Energized, Relaxed and Looking Fabulous
  • Live Longer Focused on Prevention

Join our spring and summer HealthPointe Sessions. TLC Walks and Talks included in sessions. Call now and start your wellness journey to living healthy and happy. The weight is almost over!

Feel Better… Look Better… Live Better

Contact Fran Brady at 619-806-4463 or email her at [email protected]