Who, where, and how do I contact your business?

Just about every member of the Chamber would like to be contacted by those in the community for sales, clientele, opportunities, etc. While the Chamber can give out your information on the phone, through our incredibly high-traffic business directory online, and the annual Business Resource Guide, it doesn’t work if we have outdated contact information for you!

So, how do we make it work? When members join, your profile (online, the monthly Carlsbad Business Journal, and the annual Business Resource Guide) is created with the contact information provided upon joining. However, while as in all life there is constant change, who you would like to be able to access the chamber referrals, events, etc.. may need updating. For example, a change in your email, website, address, phone number, and the people! Though the Chamber staff is making these changes as we come across them, we rely on you to keep us updated.

We will have the award-winning 2023 Business Resource Guide coming out early this summer, so this is the perfect time for you to update us! You can check and change this information on your own through the website at carlsbad.org, by scrolling to the very bottom of the page and click “Member Login”. If you have difficulty logging in there are two options: 1) click on the good old “Forgot your password?”, and reset with your email address or 2) just email me at [email protected]. Once logged in, you can add and remove employees, update an address, phone, and emails addresses.

On top of updating your current contact information, this is also the time to boost your page so that it will rank higher in online search results. You can add or edit your business description, products and services, keywords, your company logo, pictures and video! Adding these items to your business in the online directory will undoubtedly increase your ranking online and referrals from the website.

Many pay thousands of dollars to get the organization’s website to rank well in search results, which is great! But, it would be silly to miss out on taking advantage of a critical part of your membership – referrals! The community comes to us all day every day of the week requesting referrals to all types of industries. We want to connect you with those potential clients, partners, and the community’s awareness of you and your organization. We just need your up-to-date company information.

Please email [email protected] with any questions or assistance needed!