To celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month, the October Carlsbad Business Journal includes a special feature with advice on starting a business from some of the Chamber’s women-owned businesses.

We received so many responses, that not all could be included in the issue, so we’re sharing them on our blog. You can read part one of the two-part blog series here.


*Faye BergeFaye Berg Military Outreach Ministry

“Surround yourself with a varied group of supportive, qualified individuals to cover all your bases. Be bold and never give up. Be sure to schedule “me time” or face burn-out. Be active in your community.”    

Stephanie Caballero Extraordinary Conceptions

“Have a passion for what you do. Having struggled with infertility for many years, the hope of being a mother reappeared when a surrogate gave birth to our beautiful twins. This whole experience redefined me. In my late thirties, I attended law school and became an attorney specializing in national and international professional assisted reproductive law. And then I founded Extraordinary Conceptions. My heart leads me every single day knowing our company can match egg donors and surrogates to couples and individuals who yearn to be parents. Finally combating infertility through surrogacy, my company remains dedicated to help couples all over the world so they may experience the love of a child.”  

Michelle EnfieldMichelle Enfield Goju Karate Center

“Find a mentor who has been successful in your field and do what they did! Constantly innovate.”    

Callie Clayton Premierehire, Executive Search & Staffing

“Research, research, research! It is so important to understand the industry that you are looking to venture into. It is also important to industry the points of entrance and if there are too many hurdles to overcome to be successful in a certain marketplace.”

DSC_0176Nancy Nayudu Pelican Cove Bed & Breakfast Inn

“Do your homework and know what is involved on all levels of business ownership (time, money, physical and mental demands).”  


Donna Evans The UPS Store 3085

“Research your target market thoroughly before Launch. Key components after launch are follow-thru and personalized customer service.”   Linda Strand

Linda Strand Independent Energy Solutions, Inc.

“Learn how to manage your time, not just scheduling and prioritizing, but also planning your strategy and what impact you want to make with your business.”    

 Jann Mitchell

NewU Rejuvenation Center

“Have a real plan and Check your results often. Set realistic goals and celebrate small successes. Hold yourself accountable or get someone else too. Make it happen and accept nothing less.”  

Cindy Tompkins Follow Your Heart CPR

“Get involved in your community.”