A new year brings a chance to start fresh


Whether your New Year’s resolution is “out with the old, in with the new” or if this is the year you decided to finally declutter your home or office, many of us like to start the New Year fresh. So here we are, a few months into 2021. Now that you have made this goal, where do you start? Luckily, there are several books, television shows, blogs and podcasts to help get you on your way!

I remember watching an HBO special with George Carlin where he talked about “stuff”. He described the elementary and highly relatable issue of “stuff”, or personal inventory management. Our personal inventory plays a part in our day to day.

In the workplace it’s important to be somewhat organized while maintaining a clean workspace. I will admit, when I am organized, I am productive, at ease and inspired to keep my workspace clean. However, there’s nothing worse than having a clean workspace, and then look over to the window sills and see layers of dirt, or cobwebs in the corners or blinds, or dust bunnies falling from your AC or bathroom vent.

Of course, it is the desire of every organization to have an organized and clean work environment. There are studies that show offices that get regular cleanings are more productive and employees are healthier and less likely to call out sick.

2020 has changed cleaning forever. No longer can we just do what we can or think a quick surface clean is “good enough”. In the CDC’s Reopening America-Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting, they advise that you need the right products as well as a plan that can be regularly maintained in order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other transmittable viruses. Sparkle Freshness only uses the highest-grade EPA approved disinfectants. In the continued commitment to green cleaning, Sparkle Freshness also refers to, The Design for the Environment (DfE) label for products that have been reviewed by EPA and found to meet both the pesticide registration requirements and the standard for DfE-certified products. These products contain ingredients that have been reviewed for both human health and environmental fate. As well as Safer Choice. An EPA Pollution Prevention (P2) program, which includes practices that reduce, eliminate, or prevent pollution at its source, such as using safer ingredients in products.

To start fresh in 2021 or to provide a workspace you can say with confidence that it is cleaned and disinfected to not only the CDC’s standards, but the standards you and your business deserve. Please visit our website at www.SparkleFreshness.com or call 858-352-9860 to request a quote.