Advertorial Guidelines

What is an advertorial?
It is a featured article created by, or for, an advertiser that provides information about a product or service in the style of a traditional news article. The objective is to provide expert knowledge related to your industry that will positively associate your brand to the reader when making an informed decision. For example, if you are the owner of a yoga studio the article shouldn’t be about why you are the best yoga studio in town. Instead, your article should be about the benefits of practicing yoga in your daily life, the sense of community you create with students in your studio, or a special type of practice. An advertorial should capture an audience with meaningful content and aim to entertain, educate, enlighten, or assist the reader. Advertorials come in all shapes and sizes. They could be lists or guides (Top 3 Wedding Destinations), videos or print articles; they could be short or long. To maintain the editorial style of our publication, advertorials should adhere to the following format:
  1. To fit the space, body copy should be approximately 150-250 words for a quarter-page advertorial and 250-350 words for a half page, including all contact information. Please note: These are approximate word counts. Copy may be cut or edited as necessary without altering the context.
  2. Please provide suggested relevant images, with suggested captions, to accompany your advertorial.
  3. Write in the 3rd person. Avoid referring about your business as “I” or “we.”
  4. Close out your last paragraph with a “call-to-action” and include your address, phone, website and/or relevant contact info.
  5. All copy is subject to approval and editing by the Carlsbad Business Journal for space, grammar and editorial style
   Example of an advertorial next to the member’s ad.
  • All photos or graphics must be of professional digital quality for print reproduction. Images should be 300dpi. Sufficiently sized images should have file size no smaller than 500KB to 1MB. Photo submissions should be accompanied with caption information to run with the image. Limit to 25 words. Captions should be written in present tense and include full name (and titles if applicable) of subjects in the photo.
  • Provide any necessary photo credit. Do not submit any photos or images that are not your own or have not been authorized for reproduction. Licenses for stock photography may require verification.
  • If you can’t provide photos, we can license one from our image library for a small fee.
  • Vector artwork preferred. Acceptable vectors formats are .pdf .eps .ai
  • For all raster logos, image size should be at least 4” wide at 300dpi.
  • Convert all spot colors to CMYK.
DEADLINES All Advertorial content should be submitted by the 5th of each month (or earlier) to secure publishing. Advertorials submitted after the 5th may not be included.