Aqua Hedionda Discovery Center


The 400-acre Agua Hedionda Lagoon is one of the threatened coastal wetlands on the Southern California coastline. Draining 135,000 acres in the heart of the burgeoning metropolitan area of Carlsbad, the Lagoon watershed is a sensitive and vital ecosystem. It is home to juvenile fish, crabs, hundreds of species of marine life and waterfowl, including an array of threatened and endangered species. It is also provides a much needed respite for migrating birds. The Lagoon’s various usages, and the many activities and ecosystems it supports, makes it a distinctive and precious natural resource unlike any other. 

At the Discovery Center you can visit many exhibits including archeological digs, aquariums, a live observation bee hive, aquaponics, butterfly corner and much more.  To find out more details, click here.