Don’t Replace – Repair

HIMGThey say that the kitchen is the “heart of the home” but what if you have a damage that you don’t know how to repair or if it is too expensive to fix? Even the most durable of countertops are not resistant from damage, even during normal use.

During a renovation process or when accidentally dropping objects on various home surfaces, cracks, scratches and chips may occur. There is a better solution than trying to hide your damage with an oversized fruit bowl.

HIMG® Surface Repair has the solution for you.

Don’t Replace it , REPAIR it with Light Cure Acrylic™ Surface Repair Kits™

 There are various benefits for the DIYer who just want to fix the damage

  1. Light Cure Acrylic™ Surface Repair Kits are ideal to fix chips, nicks, gouges, and deep scratches on surfaces.
  2. Light Cure Acrylic™ comes in various shades and colors, you can choose the one that matches the color of your surface area.
  3. Surface Repair Kits work on granite, porcelain, tile, marble, corian, travertine, enameled, natural stone and acrylic surfaces.
  4. Light Cure Acrylic™ repair material is NOT an epoxy, it won’t yellow or discolor over time. It is also non – toxic and completely safe for food preparation areas.
  5. Hiring a professional will cost you 6X more money. Not to mention the inconvenience of scheduling the repair and inviting a stranger into your home.

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