Earn it first

Help Me ExitWhen you enter this local Carlsbad business, you immediately feel as though you’re with a company that rethinks everything. They proudly display a sign that proclaims, “We are not looking for customers… We want RAVING FANS.” Linda Blasé, a senior marketer for the firm says, “we like our messaging because we believe in doing business differently.”

The newest sign though is the one they seem to be the proudest of. It simply says “EARN IT FIRST.” This has to do with the way they bill for services rendered.

HelpMeExit.com is part of Consumer Edge Travel Solutions. A local firm that provides help to timeshare owners that are concerned with exiting gracefully from their timeshare. As with most businesses, trust is important. “Every day, I talk to someone that feels like they were previously misled or outright lied to by a timeshare developer or resale company. Our new EARN IT FIRST campaign eliminates those concerns and the clients love it,” says Donald McQuary, a senior analyst with the firm.

In this case, EARN IT FIRST means that HelpMeExit.com charges no up-front fees until they have performed for the customer. Avoiding upfront fees is unheard of in this space. “We take pride in doing things differently” says Michael James, a principal with the firm. “When we first brought this idea up, the team didn’t search for why we couldn’t, instead they looked for ways that we could!”

This model has been noticed by prominent business leaders all over the county. Mike Slater host of the Mike Slater show on 760 AM Radio noticed that Help Me Exit is a unique company. “I am proud to endorse HelpMeExit.com. There are other very large companies that offer this service but with them you are just a number. They do things very differently and no up-front fees are a great example of that.”

“Our feelings for Mike Slater are mutual. When the opportunity to have his endorsement became available, we jumped on it,” said James. “We are different, that is for sure, but we would not have it any other way.”

For more information visit HelpMeExit.com or call 844-Exit-Now.