North County Manufacturing Report

North County San Diego has long been a leader in Manufacturing, with local companies producing high-quality goods for hobbyists, athletes, scientists and households alike. While facing new pressures including automation, globalization and COVID-19, the industry continues to prove its resilience as the region experiences growth in jobs and industrial space. To quantify the importance of Manufacturing in North County and across the region, Innovate78 is pleased to release a comprehensive research report, authored by San Diego Regional EDC.

Study highlights include:

  • North County Manufacturing has an $18 billion annual economic impact, which represents more than seven percent of San Diego County’s economy.
  • Manufacturing employment is concentrated in high-value goods, with projected job growth of nearly six percent in the next five years.
  • COVID has increased manufacturers’ need for space. Fifty-eight percent of firms surveyed anticipate an increase in physical space in the future.
“From craft beer, to surfboards, to life-changing medical devices and technology services, Manufacturing has long been a pillar of the region’s economy, with impacts spanning beyond our community. This study confirms the Manufacturing industry in North County is poised for a strong recovery, and will remain a significant economic driver for the region.” 

—Jordan Latchford, study author and research manager, San Diego Regional EDC