SPARK – Stimulating | Profit | Accountability | Resilience | Knowledge

Do you want to grow your business 63% faster and achieve 45% higher revenue than your competitors?  Did you know business owners who participate in a facilitated mastermind and accountability group grew 2.2 times faster than those who didn’t? Are you ready to achieve these results?


SPARK is a mastermind/accountability group that will get you the support you need and help you overcome obstacles to make your business thrive!  Click here to watch a video.

• Each group is limited to 8 members (business category exclusive)
• The group is facilitated by a seasoned business consultant
• The group meets twice a month; 2 hours each session (The plan is to meet 3 – 5 pm every other Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)
• The group follows a guided process to complete a strategic growth plan for their business in the first year
• The group will receive, review & discuss takeaways from the following books:

“The eMyth Revisited” by Michael Gerber | “Traction” by Gino Wickman | “Good to Great” by Jim Collins

• Once a month, subject matter expert speakers are invited to give a presentation covering banking, HR, marketing, intellectual property, exit strategies & more!
• During the second year, each member focuses on executing their plan; using their SPARK mastermind group to support them and help them overcome obstacles

COST: $200 per month

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: Two-year commitment expected

If you are interested in learning more or have questions, fill out the form below: